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About My Life o Craigslist
The search for love can go anywhere, including sites known for being sleazy. "My Life on Craigslist" follows the unique crusade for love from Emily Thompson, who has chosen Craigslist as her dating site of choice. With little left to lose, she wades through the curious pile of listings, finds she lives with an escort, and finds she may be doing it herself. "My Life on Craigslist" is a quirky novel of romance and life, a read very much worth considering.
"This book is a very funny and witty look at a situation that could be very bad and dreary...Emily is a character that you can really feel for. She's also one that you will want to root for as she deals with all of these situations...Another bright spot in the book is that the author does a great job with the dialogue, which really serves to move the story along. I loved it!"
Listen to a Radio interview with Michael Ray Dresser on the DresserAfterDarkShow, February 2011. 

Alexandra Ares was featured in Elle and the Elle Book Club, Cosmopolitan, Time Out, The One, Avantaje, in all the Romanian national newspapers, on radio and TV. 
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Alexandra Ares is examining the reality with a very unconventional thinking.  
                                                         HISTORY OF ROMANIAN LITERATURE  
                                                         By Mircea Ghitulescu  
                                                         Publisher: Tracus ARTE 2008
                                                         916 p, ISBN: 978-973-88816-4-8
                                                         Chapter IV; 1990-2008
                                                         Alexandra Ares - Coming of Age (Drumul catre maturitate)
                                                         p. 813-814

DREAM JUNKIES - A (romance) novel above its literary gender…Kitty, the main character and the author's alter ego, is well-versed in theater (just like the author who is a playwright), knows something about politics, and makes an interesting leftist parallel between the communism totalitarism from USSR and the capitalist one from US, two countries she brands commonly as USSA. This chat takes place in a plane that takes two women from LA to SF, in the opening of a typical American adventure like ride the storm for go-west postmodern amazons.                          
TIME OUT  Bucharest
Alexandra Ares works with the romance style, a translucent fiction through which one can read the American experience… If the horizon of expectations of old Madame Bovary was deserted and without flesh and bones contours, for (AA) the desert is really empty and pragmatic, America –  bonfire of vanities and crazy arts… Are you ready to have a face-off with it, or do you sink in depression?          
                                                                            COTIDIANUL, national newspaper

The string of American adventures that the Romanian Alexandra Ares is devouring in her book, DREAM JUNKIES, has something of the European interwar flavor and mystery described by the Anglo-saxon writers of that era - Ezra Pound, Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway or Getrude Stein – with the air of transmitting la live report about the boredom of being wealthy, of loving always unhappy, of living among artists as to better learn sadness. Just that this time, the roles have reversed: an Eastern European writer discovers America…. She is a sensitive, romantic and sometimes cynical writer, but surely courageous, who is facing out and confronting the “American Dream” from the perspective of the Eastern European liberated from the claws of communism, and periodically haunted from its ideological ghosts.
ION COCHINESCU author of The Ambassador


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“perhaps, more about all others you’ll enjoy Dream Junkies (Visatoarele) by Alexandra Ares…”
ANDREEA MARIN BANICA “The book I take with me”