I like to examine reality with unconventional thinking and with moral irony.  I started out obsessing about the past and gradually I became fascinated with the new processes germinating under the surface of status quo, slowly changing people, ideas, and society.
My three novels could be seen as a little bohemian New York trilogy about serious topics told in a simple, lighthearted way: the decay of the American dream after 9/11 in Dream Junkies; the once off-stream promiscuity becoming mainstream in My Life on Craigslist (set in the East Village); and ageism and some of the last feminist taboos in The Other Girl
Heroes are mostly vibrant, single, immigrant New York women (but also men), at different ages and stages of their lives in the city with a keen sense of humor, unusual points of view, who are daring, sensitive, and insightful, at crossroads of sorts,  living interesting lives.  
Having lived on two continents, I am interested in exploring the process of shattering of one’s old self and one’s old world in dramatic circumstances and of later reinvention. With each work I enjoy exploring a new idea and style as I fear that mannerism of style is not the mark of the true artist, but the mark of the craftsman. I merge, to various degrees, pure fiction with memories of people I've met, things I've lived, and glimpses of real life beauty.

Alexandra Ares